Board of directors and committees

Board of Directors

Name Position Age
Elias Sacal Cababie Chairman of the Board 55
Marcos Sacal Cohen Member of the Board 28
Ana Paula Fernandez del Castillo* Member of the Board 47
John McCarthy* Member of the Board 65
Gerardo Corona Gonzalez* Member of the Board 51
*Independent member

Sustainability and Risk Committee

The Sustainability and Risk Committee oversees the definition and maintenance of the sustainability strategy of the Issuer Trust. This committee is also tasked to ensure that the selected projects and environmental and social strategies implemented by the Murano Group comply with the EDGE and Equator Principles guidelines.

The Sustainability and Risk Committee makes the final decision on all matters related to sustainability, dictates the way that the selected projects are monitored, and solves the concerns of stakeholders and impacted communities. Additionally, it helps the Board of Directors to improve and implement sustainability strategies, looking after the preservation of the company in the long term.

Name Position Age
Ana Paula Fernandez del Castillo* President 47
Marcos Sacal Cohen Member 28
Laura Castillo Solis Secretary and Member 61
Jose Luis Cano Mendoza* Member 49
Miguel Navarro Mendoza* Member 66
Adan Aranda Godoy* Member 49
*Independent member

Audit and Investment Committee

The Audit and Investment Committee acts as a governing body of the Board of Directors which oversees that the financial and accounting information is formulated in accordance with the applicable guidelines and regulatory provisions and that such information is delivered in a timely manner to the corresponding financial authorities. Together with the external auditors, the committee reviews the sufficiency and application of the internal control system in the financial information process, the main accounting policies and the non-audit policies services to be performed by them.

Name Position Age
Marcos Sacal Cohen Member 28
Gerardo Corona Gonzalez* Member 51
*Independent member

Corporate Practices and Ongoing Improvement Committee

The Corporate Practices and Ongoing Improvement Committee acts as a governing body of the Board of Directors which reviews the initiatives from the general management in relation to operations with related parties of the Murano Group, establishes the policies and guidelines to be followed in such operations and also it submits annually to the Board of Directors the statement of operations on related parties and ensures that all the members of the committees submit them. Likewise, it annually evaluates and supervises the policies related to the management of conflict of interest and operations with related parties.

Name Position Age
Gerardo Corona Gonzalez* President 51
Marcos Sacal Cohen Member 28
John McCarthy* Member 65
*Independent member

Independent Directors

John was Head of FONATUR (Fondo Fiduciario Nacional para el Desarrollo y la Promoción Turística) from 2000 to 2006, and member of Mexico’s extended Cabinet throughout Vicente Fox's administration. Prior to his tenure at FONATUR, John was President of Raintree Resorts International / Club Regina, and before that was Director of the Tourism Division of Bancomer (Mexico's largest bank), being in charge of the management of the Westin Regina Resorts in Mexico. John has also chaired several trade associations, including the CNET (Consejo Nacional Empresarial Turístico) of Mexico, among others.

John has a Degree in Business Administration from La Salle University in Mexico City and a track record of over 30 years in the tourism and real estate development industries in Mexico.
Ana Paula is an Architect from Universidad Anáhuac with a Master's Degree in Business Administration from PanAmerican Institute for High Business Management (IPADE). She was Corporate Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability at Empresas ICA, where she worked for 18 years. Ms. Fernandez is founder and was the first president of the Sustainability Subcommittee of the Mexican Stock Exchange, as well as author of the Sustainability Guide of the same Exchange.

She has developed strategies for the Mexican Network of the United Nations Global Compact, Aeromexico, Trimex, Traxion, Mexican Stock Exchange and Unifin. She has also participated as speaker at conferences and working groups of the OECD, the G20, the UN Global Compact, the International Chamber of Commerce and the German Cooperation Agency, in different parts of the world.

She currently performs as consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Citibanamex, Medica Sur, Murano, Fibra Uno, Energia de Valle de México, Gasoducto de Morelos, among other institutions.
Mr. Gerardo has 26 years of experience in strategic business units, financial products, capital goods imports, risk analysis, portfolio recovery and financial structure to foreign trade productive projects at Mexico’s Development Banking. Former Mexico’s Undersecretary of Innovation and Touristic Development. Founder and CEO of GC Intelligi S.C., consulting firm conducting analysis, investigation and consultancy services to hotel projects and of infrastructure in Mexico.

Among other positions, Mr. Gerardo Corona was CEO of International and Institutional Relations and Director of Financing for the Tourism Sector at Bancomext.
Mr. Navarro has worked as an environmental consultant at Proyectos Biosilva, A.C., Sylvatica, S.C., Ac&d Consultoría, S.A., and Consultores Ambientales del Caribe, S.C. Mr. Navarro is a founder and a member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Ictiología, A.C. and a member of the Sociedad Mexicana de Zoología A.C. and American Fisheries Society Endangered Species Committee. Mr. Navarro has an extensive experience in environmental consulting, including participating in more than 600 environmental studies. Mr. Navarro has a license in Biology, Master in Marine Ecology and is currently a candidate to Doctor in Science of Marine Ecology.
Mr. Aranda is the CEO of Cancun law office ABRO & Associates, subsidiary of RENOBALES MARISCAL & CASTRESANA, S.C. As an attorney, Mr. Aranda has a vast experience and high skills in negotiations, real estate law, corporate and settlement disputes. Additionally, Mr. Aranda is the founder and current shareholder member of the real estate brokerage D’Ster Investland. Prior to founding the law office and real estate brokerage firm, Mr. Aranda worked as a real estate attorney at Dominguéz, Gómez & Rocabert. Mr. Aranda holds a law degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a master in corporate law from Anahuac University of Cancun.
Mr. Cano is the Founder and Managing Director of KPITALIA Advisors, a financial consulting firm which advises companies in their refinancing and restructuring processes. Mr. Cano leads a team of financial advisors with a wide experience as investment bankers, specialized in analyzing, structuring and valuating financial products such as corporate loan facilities, debt issuances, structured finance and others. Prior to founding KPITALIA, Mr. Cano was Executive Director Corporates/ABS at HR Ratings, a Credit Rating Agency authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission. At HR Ratings, Mr. Cano guided and managed a group of analysts that evaluated the payment capacity of an entity to face its debt obligations. Also, Mr. Cano worked at Philip Morris International from 1998-2011. At Philip Morris International, Mr. Cano held different positions including Sales Information Senior Manager, Trade Marketing Services Senior Manager, Costs Manager and Planning and Country Manager. Mr. Cano has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Universidad Intercontinental and a Master of Business Administration from IPADE.