Technical Committee


The Technical Committee is the main corporate governance body of each trust, which will be made up of up to 21 proprietary members and their respective alternates, the majority of whom must qualify as independent in accordance with Mexican regulation. For the establishment of this important committee, the following considerations will be taken into account:

Likewise, the proposal of a member, regardless of who makes it, must primarily consider the experience, skills, and professional reputation of the proposed member.

Main responsibilities

The main powers and duties of the Committee shall include, among others, the following:

Additionally, the members of the Technical Committee may request the approval of the matters they deem pertinent, as well as request the opinion of independent experts when so required. Furthermore, the majority of the independent members may instruct the Trustee to disclose relevant events brought to their attention.

Conflicts Committee

For the arbitration and resolution of conflicts of interest that may arise for the Trust, the Technical Committee will be assisted by the Conflicts Committee, which will be composed of a minimum of 3 independent members and whose resolutions will be adopted by a simple majority vote of its members.

Among its main attributions will be, among others, the following: