Murano is focused on the implementation of an integrated environmental and corporate governance (“ESG”) strategy. We recognize that developing real estate assets is a high-impact industry with respect to environmental, social and governance factors. Consequently, we have adopted a construction model that includes sound environmental features in our buildings by controlling our construction process, focusing on the environmental performance of our properties, and emphasizing energy efficiency.

Our strategy relies on innovation and sustainability as the fundamental pillars to develop our projects, which will drive us to generate value while designing and operating highly efficient and sustainable hotels. We will implement projects that engage sustainable construction, champion social priorities related to construction, and serve as a model for ethical governance in the real estate and hospitality sector. In order to have a clear and constant assessment of the implementation of these practices, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to have all our properties certified by EDGE. The Andaz and Mondrian Hotel has received the EDGE Green Building Certification. We expect each of the GIC Hotels and the Dreams Chateau hotel to receive the EDGE Green Building Certification once the projects are completed. EDGE (which stands for “Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is a green building standard and certification system developed by the International Finance Corporation and applicable in 140 countries. To achieve an EDGE certification, a building must demonstrate a minimum of 20% reduction in operational energy consumption, water use, and embodied energy in materials as compared to typical local practice.

Furthermore, we prioritize social, environmental, and biodiversity issues in all the locations in which we operate. Our corporate social responsibility activities have the ultimate goal of positively impacting one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 17 (“SDGs”), with a focus on those SDGs for which it has a greater responsibility, such as creating more sustainable cities, promoting innovation in industrial sectors and fighting climate change, in the context of the environment in which we operate and the nature of our business as a real estate developer.

In addition, we adopted a Green Bond Framework and engaged Sustainalytics to provide a second party opinion on our framework alignment with the ICMA Green Bond Principles (“GBPs”). Sustainalytics confirmed that the properties in our Hotel Portfolio will be eligible as Green Buildings in accordance with the broad categorization of eligibility for green buildings and, accordingly, certified that our Green Bond Framework aligns with the GBPs and with our overall sustainability commitments.

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